Things to Do in Worthington, Ohio

Things to Do in Worthington, Ohio
A suburb of the state capital of Columbus, Worthington was originally named after one of Ohio's first mayors. With a population of just more than 14,000, Worthington is a vibrant part of the central Ohio scene. Worthington is built around a central square, a product of one of the first city planning projects in the Midwest. This makes Worthington a uniquely pedestrian town, with a variety of community activities and sights easily accessed on foot.

Buckeye Trail Association

The Buckeye Trail is one of the longest trails in the country and the only one to fully circumnavigate a state. The trail runs more than 1,400 miles and has access for hikers, runners, bikers and even horseback riders. While the trail doesn't run through Worthington, the town is home to the Buckeye Trail Association, which organizes weekend hikes and has a variety of maps available for people interested in hitting the trail.

Buckeye Trail Association
P.O. Box 254
Worthington, Ohio 43085

Olentangy River Parklands

More a river-front strip of land than a true park, the Olentangy River Parklands is one of the best outdoor opportunities in the area. Two miles of multi-use path run along the river. Wide and flat, the path is used by bikers, walkers and runners. Plus, it's perfect for an outing with kids, since the path passes along several playgrounds on the way. River views, overhanging trees, deer and beavers all make Olentangy River Parklands one of the best ways to experience nature in Worthington.

Olentangy River Parklands
600 W. Wilson Bridge Road
Worthington, OH 43085

Orange Johnson House Museum

This historic home, first erected in 1811, is one of the oldest preserved homes in all of Ohio. Named after a local hornsmith, who bought the property in 1816, the Orange Johnson House features its original interior and a variety of period furniture. Plus, guided tours are run every Sunday by people in period costume, adding to a sense of immersion. The Orange Johnson House Museum is a great way to experience Ohio's early days.

956 High Street
Worthington, Ohio 43085
(614) 885-1247

Cole Earthworks

Just minutes from the center of Worthington is one of the Columbus Metro Parks system's prizes: Highbanks Park. Nearly 1,200 acres, with high shale cliffs, picnic areas and 11 miles of scenic nature trails, Highbanks has plenty to do. Attached to the park is the protected Edward F. Hutchins State Nature Preserve, which features earthworks made by the Late Woodland Native Americans. A National Historic Landmark, the Cole Earthworks form a semi-circular embankment that was built and used in tribal ceremonies.

9466 Columbus Pike (US Route 23 North)
Lewis Center, OH 43035

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