Bass Fishing Tips for Michigan

Bass Fishing Tips for Michigan
There is a wealth of bass fishing opportunities in Michigan. Both small mouth and large mouth bass are found in the lakes and rivers. Bass fishing techniques often differ from other regions because of the colder water temperatures and shorter season.


Bass season opens the Saturday before Memorial Day every year so springtime fishing is limited to only a few weeks. Fish should be targeted on their spawning beds during this period. They will be found in shallow water and often won't leave their spawning area so baits such as plastic worms and tube baits should be cast into the beds to entice strikes. Slowly dragging a plastic worm across a spawning bed usually has the best results.


In the summer months the bass are most often found swimming the shallows of lakes and rivers. Crankbaits and plastic worms are your best choice for lures. Cast Texas-rigged plastic worms into weeded areas and slowly retrieve. Try to find shaded areas as bass will often use them for cover. For nighttime fishing in Michigan, try using top water baits such as jitterbugs and hula poppers.


Fall in Michigan means colder temperatures and rougher waters. This drives the bass down to deeper water, often near drop-offs. Target the steep drop-offs of a lake using jigs tipped with minnows or night crawlers. Trolling with deep-diving crankbaits is also a good choice, but expect to catch less than during the warmer months. Rivers often produce more bass action in fall than inland lakes.


Most anglers do not try to catch bass in the wintertime. If you choose to target bass while ice fishing, try hooking a minnow through the back and letting it freely swim.

Article Written By Matthew Knight

Based in Southwestern Michigan, Matthew Knight has been writing outdoor and technology articles since 2008. His articles appear on various websites. He holds a bachelor's degree in computer information systems from Western Michigan University.

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