The Best Winter Bass Fishing Lures

The Best Winter Bass Fishing Lures
Bass fishing in the winter can be a challenging task. The right lures and presentations are a must to lure strikes out of the slow wary winter bass. Colder water temperatures slow down the body function of fish, making it harder to entice a strike. The favorable bass fishing conditions of bright sunlight and vegetation blooms of summer are lacking during winter, limiting your fishing techniques.

Plastic Worm

Plastic worms that are 4 inches long are an easy way to target winter bass. They can be cast with precision right into the path of a fish, making it enticing because the bass doesn't have to move far. Try natural colors such as medium brown to dark red because the water often is clearer in the winter.


Jigs are one of the most popular baits for winter bass fishing. You will want to attach a 1- or 2-inch grub or Uncle Josh frog to a 1/4- to 3/8-oz. brightly colored jig. The jig should be slowly dropped to the bottom and raised slightly repeatedly around drop-offs and structures.


Crankbaits can be effective in the winter months if retrieved properly. You must use crankbait that will swim just above or bouncing off the bottom. You will want to retrieve it as slowly as possible for it to swim properly.


Small spinnerbaits and beetle spins can work for winter bass fishing if slowly retrieved just off the bottom. Cast out the spinnerbait and wait until it lands on the bottom before you start your slow retrieval to ensure that your bait is running along the bottom. Attaching a grub or pork frog to your jog will enhance its effectiveness.

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