Alaska King Salmon Fishing Methods

Alaska King Salmon Fishing Methods
In Alaska, king salmon are highly-sought-after fish, due to their large size, fighting ability and flavorful fillets. Kings can be fickle creatures to catch, but follow these time-tested techniques and you'll land a lot more of them.


When king salmon are still feeding in the open ocean, trolling is the most productive means of catching them. Using a downrigger, guides prefer to troll cut herring, flashers rigged with a plastic squid or plugs that imitate the bait fish kings love to feed on.


Drifting Eggs

Once king enter the river to spawn, they lose their desire to actively pursue bait fish, but they will engulf salmon eggs that have been preserved and dyed bright colors. Drift-fish the eggs on the bottom to create a scent trail that entices the kings to bite.


Fly fishing is a good way to catch kings in the river. Alaskan guides tie large, gaudy-colored fly patterns to draw the kings' attention and agitate them into striking. Cast the fly across the current, let it drift down to the fish and strip the fly to add action.


Article Written By Brian M. Kelly

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