Cheap Things to Do in NYC

Cheap Things to Do in NYC
New York City can be one of the most expensive metropolitan areas in the world. However, cheap opportunities can be found for the enterprising visitor. In a city of more than 8 million people, there are plenty of exciting things to see and do, even on a limited budget.

Downtown Boathouse

One of the best free activities in the city, the Downtown Boathouse, offers free kayaking daily from mid-May through mid-October (as of 2009) on the Hudson River. There are three locations in Manhattan: Pier 40, Pier 96 and 72nd Street in Riverside Park. The boathouse, which is run by volunteers, is great family fun; children younger than 16 must kayak with an adult. You need to know how to swim and agree to wear a life jacket. See "References" below.


Walking Tours

A number of community groups offer free walking tours in New York City. These groups are interested in spreading knowledge of their neighborhoods and have organized these tours for anyone who is interested. For example, the Village Alliance offers tours down 8th Street. Most of the gossip is about local artists, such as musician Jimi Hendrix and author Jack Kerouac. See "Resources" below for specific tour details.

Sage Theater

This long-standing comedy club near Times Square is a good deal all the time. But at 10 p.m. every Thursday, the Sage Theater brings in acts for a comedy set, and some summer shows were free in 2009. Past names included comedians featured on HBO, Comedy Central and Last Comic Standing. The show is popular, so advance reservations are key.

Sage Theater
711 7th Avenue, Second Floor
New York City, New York
(206) 279-9860


Article Written By Louie Doverspike

Based in Seattle, Louie Doverspike has been a professional writer since 2004. His work has appeared in various publications, including "AntiqueWeek" magazine, the "Prague Post" and "Seattle Represent!" Doverspike holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Hamilton College.

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