Things to Do on Pine Island, Florida

Things to Do on Pine Island, Florida
Pine Island is a small place off the coast of southwest Florida that is sheltered from the open ocean of the Gulf of Mexico. Although surrounded by water in all directions like a proper island should be, to the east is the mainland and to the west and south are more islands. Those conditions make the waters of the Matlacha Pass and Pine Island Sound tranquil and ideal for all kinds of boating.

Fishing and Boating

Anglers looking for some saltwater fishing will find the local waters off Pine Island rewarding. There are many fish species to be had there, including barracuda, blacktip sharks, cobia, grouper, redfish, snapper, sea trout and sea bass. The area has the reputation of being the sort of place where it is hard to not catch a fish worthy of the dinner table. It is also possible to rent sailboats, motorboats and jet skis for outings in the area.

Sea Kayaking

Calm waters make the area perfect for sea kayakers of all stripes, and it is possible to rent kayaks and head out from the marina or to join a tour that will go to various sites of interest in the area by boat. The latter method has the obvious advantage of energy and covering a lot of water, but seasoned kayakers may find it confining and prefer going independently.

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Scuba and Snorkeling

The waters off the north end of Captiva Island have good diving sites, and there are sea turtles and plenty of fish about. The problem is that Pine Island itself has no scuba diving companies. Any divers looking to make a trip must either head across to the mainland and work with an outfit in Fort Meyers or bring their own gear, charter a boat and dive independently. However, snorkelers will find that the local waters are home to dolphins, sea otters and manatees, and there are excursions available to see them. This is an easy form of undersea adventure open to anyone who is a good swimmer.

Bird Watching

Pine Island is home to almost 20 nesting sites for the bald eagle, making sighting these majestic birds a fairly frequent occurrence in the local skies. There are also endangered wood storks, heron, hawks, owls, osprey, egrets, spoonbills, pelicans and numerous other birds inhabiting the area.

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