Best Scuba Diving Watches

Best Scuba Diving Watches
In the past, one of the key tools that marked the serious scuba diver was the dive watch, as elapsed time was the key means of determining both time at depth (for decompression purposes) and keeping an eye on how much air remained in the air tank. As a practical tool, the dive watch has largely been replaced by the dive computer, but no one would ever wear their dive computer around on the street as a substitute for a wristwatch. Thus, the dive watch lives on, as a sometimes stylish statement of how the wearers spend their free time.

Citizen 20th Anniversary Aqualand Eco Drive

This dive watch comes packed with features. It tracks the maximum depth of the dive (up to 300 feet, which is more than double the recreational maximum), elapsed dive time and the local water temperature. These are standard features on most dive computers, making the watch a handy supplement to a diver with old-fashioned analog gauges on their octopus. There is also a programmable depth alarm, should a diver want notice of having gone too deep, and it retains data from the previous 20 dives. Also, since divers usually like to mix their travel and their diving, there is an auto-function that resets the time to local standards based on the selection of a city from a digital menu.

Ball Engineer Master II Diver

This watch has two features that set it apart from other dive watches. The bezel (watch rim) can be rotated against the minute hand (fairly normal) and then locked into place (not so normal), allowing for an easy, visual tracking of elapsed time using the markings on the bezel. The watch also has a lighting system that is 100 times brighter than the usual glow-in-the-dark watch hands and will last for at least 25 years without recharging. That is useful for divers who often go into dark and murky places.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date

For those who must absolutely pair their style and ostentation with practicality, there is this entry from Rolex. The marked bezel rotates one way, allowing divers to track elapsed time, and though it has no locking mechanism, it is made of 18 karat gold. This Rolex is a beautiful watch and is rated for depths of up to 1,000 feet, well beyond where any scuba diver would ever go. However, it is lacking in any other features. With a price tag approaching $8,000 (in 2009), it is a grand statement in style over substance.

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