Spring Bass Fishing Bait Tips

Spring Bass Fishing Bait Tips
In the spring, bass have hearty appetites before their spawning period. As the water is warmed by the sun, it precipitates a migration of bass from deeper water. While bass often will be so hungry they will strike anything that comes near them, certain lures work better under spring conditions.

Spinnerbait tips

The water in lakes and rivers often becomes murky in the spring. Weather contributes to this, with runoff from melting snow and frequent storms stirring up silt, soil and mud that turn the water dark. Spinnerbaits with vibrating blades are especially effective at catching bass when the water is dark. Lures with wider blades emit even more vibrations and stay close to the surface as the angler slowly reels them in. Popular spinnerbait colors include black, purple and silver.

Staging bass

The term "staging" describes the movement of bass from deep-water winter haunts to much shallower areas. In many lakes, staging areas have bottoms that are littered with stumps and other forms of timber. Add this to the fact spring rains usually create high-water conditions and crankbaits become especially effective in such conditions. Crankbaits with short lips that dive 8 to 10 feet can explore the edges of areas where bass congregate without snagging. Plastic worms, tubes and lizards are all popular crankbaits.

Spring buzzbaits

Bass also will strike buzzbaits in the spring. Cast them into flats and near areas with emerging weed cover. The lures, which have blades or propellers that keep them on the surface as they spin, are supposed to resemble flying insects that have fallen into the water. In most cases, a bass that is going to attack a buzzbait will do so in the first few seconds the lure is in the water and moving. Keep your rod tip in as nearly a straight-up position as possible during the retrieve.

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