Types of Flowers on Oahu, Hawaii

Types of Flowers on Oahu, Hawaii
Visitors to Oahu will no doubt be struck by the great variety of tropical flowers that grow there. It is not uncommon to see tall Red Ginger growing wild in the rainforests of Oahu, while Hibiscus, Plumeria and Anthurium can be found in many a garden or farmers market around the island.


Hibiscus can be found growing throughout Oahu. The yellow Hibiscus, otherwise known as Pua Aloalo is the Hawaiian State Flower. The hibiscus flower originates in Asia and the Pacific, with Hawaii having only five native species of the flower. However, tropical hibiscus were imported to Hawaii and crossed with Hawaii's native hibiscus resulting in the variety that is now found throughout Oahu.


Plumeria flowers grow on trees. They are very hardy trees which like plenty of sunshine and they can either be planted in the ground or grown in a pot. Plumeria trees can be found in gardens throughout Oahu. The flowers of the Plumeria are usually white or pink and are often used in lei making. Plumeria are particularly fragrant flowers, especially at night.

Hawaiian Ginger

Hawaiian Ginger is another common flower on Oahu. The Red Ginger, in particular, is often sought after for flower arrangements. Hawaiian Ginger are extremely hardy plants with tall stalks that can grow several feet. According to Gardening Central, the pink ginger stalks can grow to almost 15 feet tall. Hawaiian ginger are self-propagating and it is not uncommon to see new plantlets growing off of one flower head.


Anthuriums are not actually native to Hawaii. In fact they are found in wet forest areas of South America. They were first introduced to Hawaii in the late 1880s. They were imported by Hawaii's Minister for Finance, and were grown in his garden on Oahu. Nowadays the distinctive red, heart-shaped flower is popular in flower arrangements on Oahu.

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