Sightseeing in London

Sightseeing in London
Capital of England and the United Kingdom, London is an important city in history and on the world stage--ever since its founding by the Romans under the name Londinium in AD 47. The city retains a number of historic features, including sections of Roman wall and a medieval city center dating back hundreds of years. While London is popularly thought of as a major urban and financial center, there are a number of sights for the traveler inclined toward the outdoors.

Dinosaur Court

One of the most curious and fascinating zoological parks still existent in the world, Dinosaur Court features a number of dinosaur statues that predate much of modern paleontology. The statues were erected in 1854, a full six years before the publication of Darwin's "Origin of Species." The 15 dinosaur species featured in the park are all inaccurate by modern standards. Most famously, the iguana statues feature the creature's thumb bones as a horned nose.

Crystal Palace Dinosaur Park
27 Crystal Palace Park Rd
London, Greater London
SE26 6UF, United Kingdom‎

Leadenhall Market

While Camden Locks Market may be more busy, Leadenhall Market is one of the most historical open-air markets in the city. Leadenhall has existed in some form since the 1300s. After twice being destroyed by fire, the Leadenhall Market was totally renovated in 1881. This overhaul built a glassed-in arched roof over several streets. This historic construction makes the Leadenhall Market a wonderful place to walk and shop, even in inclement weather.

Leadenhall Street
Bank tube station

Speaker's Corner

One of the most dynamic sights inside London's immense Hyde Park, Speaker's Corner always offers something new to the visitor. Located in the northeast corner of Hyde Park, Speaker's Corner is a gathering point for people of any political temperament or possible message. Pass through the Marble Arch entrance in the park and you are guaranteed endless hours of entertainment or at least an eccentric diversion. Past speakers have included Karl Marx, Marcus Garvey and George Orwell.

Speaker's Corner
Northeast corner of Hyde Park
London, Near Marble Arch, W2 2UH, UK


This idyllic district in southeast London contains a variety of famous landmarks and is perfect for a day spent walking outside of downtown's cramped urban streets. Sights include the historic Cutty Sark clipper ship. From there it is an easy walk to the Royal Observatory, where Greenwich Mean Time is set. Continue on to the Maritime Museum or just enjoy the well-manicured lawns. It is easily reachable by the Docklands Light Railway.

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