Ideas for Themed Camping Weekends

Ideas for Themed Camping Weekends
To keep a camping excursion exciting and titillating, choosing to implement a theme may be a surprising way to keep things lively. Not only can this include costumes or special attire, it can also include food, games and activities. Each idea can be tweaked to accommodate different age groups or personal preferences. Getting the entire camping entourage involved and planning ahead will help the camping trip to run smoother.


Casino themes are generally a hit at most parties. Incorporating this into a weekend camping trip can be even more fun. Offer the guys plastic gangster hats and the ladies sequined-covered feather headbands. Card tables can set up offering different gaming options such as pai gow poker, Texas hold em, blackjack, gin rummy, four card poker and Caribbean stud. Alternate who is the dealer. Cards, dice, poker chips and scorecards can be included. Casino signs, lights, casino-themed paper plates and cups can be used to serve nonperishable foods and cocktails. Cardboard cutouts that include slot machine centerpieces and casino confetti can adorn tablecloth-covered picnic tables where guests can mingle and eat near the campfire. Party packs can include casino key chains, dice beads, boas, star sunglasses, light-up items and tiaras.


Gather all of the swashbucklers around for a pirate-themed camping weekend. Encourage guests to wear pirate-inspired clothes. Decorate picnic tables with treasure chest centerpieces that include colorful parrot designed beads, gold-wrapped candies, pirate eye patches and bandannas for guests to grab. Hang skull and cross bone flags at the entryway of the campsite. A Dutch-oven meal of hot chili can be cooked over an open fire to keep guests satisfied. Create a face-painting and tattoo area for kids and adults. Have someone paint scars and designs, and apply tattoos to those who want to color up their look. Offer a peg leg race by pairing up partners who have to compete to get to the finish line first. An old-fashioned tug of war is also a great game to play if space is available at the campsite.


For scrapbook lovers, hosting a scrapbook theme camping weekend makes for a great getaway. Have picnic tables and additional tables available for scrapbookers to scrap the weekend away. Allow at least four feet of table space for working. Provide plenty of chips, candy and bottled water or soda for guests to snack on while scrapbooking. Make sure there is plenty of bug spray and sunscreen available so guests remain comfortable. Have guests make their own hobo dinners with a choice of meat and vegetables in a tin foil sack. Finish off the night with s'mores and chatting around the campfire.


A celebrity themed camping weekend can be fun and inviting. Every camper is encouraged to dress like his favorite celebrity. Have each guest do some research and bring her celebrity's favorite dish to pass for one of the meals planned for the weekend. Games can include having other campers try to figure out who you are.

Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras is a colorful way to add fun to a camping weekend. Encourage guests to wear colorful clothing. Party favors such as Mardi Gras beads, sequined eye masks, jester hats, leis, comedy and tragedy masks, feather headbands and gloves can all be made available to guests as party favors. Decorate the campsite area with colorful balloons and purple and green paper tablecloths with a splash of gold confetti. Cajun-inspired foods such as jambalaya and boiled craw fish over an open fire are spicy and tasty themed favorites.

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