Kinds of Hawaiian Flowers

Kinds of Hawaiian FlowersHawaii is an area that maintains a tropical climate year round. This makes for the perfect weather conditions for many of the world's most stunning and delicate flowers. Each Hawaiian flower is distinct and carries its own characteristics. There are only 2,600 plant species that remain in the state and half of all endangered species of plants from around the world are in Hawaii.


The hibiscus is grown in many warm areas around the world but the purple hibiscus is native to Hawaii. This tall plant can sometimes be as high as 15 feet and sport large flowering blooms. The bottom of the plant secretes a juice that many locals use to turn into jelly for food condiments. Hibiscus grows wild and is a perennial so it returns each year.

Plumeria (pictured)

Plumerias are readily found throughout all of the Islands of Hawaii. Plumerias are lightly scented and are a delicate flower that is perfect for vases and stand alone compact arrangements. They come in a variety of colors from light pastels in yellow and creams to deep oranges, pinks and reds that set the night on fire.


Lilies are common all over the world but they also grow plentiful in Hawaii. There are hundreds of varieties and species of this lovable bloom but one of the most sought after is the stargazer lily. The stargazer provides an eye catching glimpse of bright pink and purple flowers with a white and sometimes speckled edge.


Orchids are another type of colorful, exotic flower that is native to Hawaii and is found to be readily available on the islands. Orchids are known for two things---their beauty and their scent. They are an extremely delicate and dainty flower often having multiple blooms on each stem. They are not very sturdy and should be supported and intertwined with other flowers in a floral bouquet. They withstand heat well and come in an array of colors from deep pinks and purples to light and airy pastels in yellow and orange. Solid orchids are not as common as colored blooms with a white or off-white center.


Anthuriums are an exotic type of flower that holds several different species. One of the most popular species of the flower is the Flamingo. This is a type of flower that in a sense isn't a bloom but rather a long and wavy piece of foliage. It sports a bright almost neon pink spathe. It also has a protruding spadix or spike that comes out from the center. The spadix is known to come in a variety of colors from light orange to yellow to red. It can be light pastel or carry a deep neon tone. Many times this flower is referred to as a tail flower, painted tongue or flamingo.

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