Where to Catch Walleyes in Michigan?

Little Bay De Noc in the Upper Peninsula in MichiganThe walleye is a toothy fish commonly found in freshwater lakes in the mid-western United States. Michigan is a northern state that is surrounded by the Great Lakes on all three sides. Fishing for walleye can be done year round, even when the ice has covered the surface. There is a wealth of freshwater resources in the state that offer bountiful fishing opportunities to outdoor enthusiasts. While walleye can be caught in almost every freshwater lake in the state, there are some locations that are more plentiful than others. (Pictured: Little Bay De Noc in the Upper Peninsula in Michigan)

Lake Michigan

Of all of the five Great Lakes, Lake Michigan holds an array of areas for some good walleye fishing. Because walleye prefer murky waters with little to no current, it is best to fish on days when the waves are minimal and the lake is still. Unlike more shallow lakes, where fishing during cooler temperatures is recommended, Lake Michigan water remains cooler even in the hot summer months. This means walleye are plentiful throughout the day as opposed to only at night. Using crankbaits and spoon bait for Lake Michigan is best for attracting the fish.

Escanaba River

In Michigan's upper peninsula, in Marquette County, lies the Escanaba River. This northern area is remote and also well known for prime walleye fishing. At 19 miles long, this river winds and curves. There is a slight current to many areas, so finding a location that is still can be challenging. The best time to fish on the Escanaba is very early in the morning---about two hours before dawn during warmer months. The mouth of the river and near the shorelines are great places for fishing walleye.

Tacoosh River and Little Bay de Noc

The Tacoosh River is located on the upper peninsula of Michigan. It has a tributary that flows into Lake Michigan ending at Little Bay de Noc (pictured above). This area is well known for prime walleye fishing to Michiganders. Right where the river ends and meets Little Bay de Noc is where many fisherman flock year round. Because of the Tachoosh River flow, this area seems to be a hub for the walleye. Small spinner baits and plastic worms are popular baits for this area.

Long Lake

Long Lake is located in Walhalla in Mason County. This lake has a very deep middle with many nooks and crannies for walleye fishing. Walleye also like rocky bottoms and Long Lake is full of large rocks and gravel. Spring, fall and summer evenings to nightfall or very early mornings until dawn are good times to fish the smaller bays of Long Lake. Because the fish like cool waters, they tend to go to deeper areas of the lake---especially during the day. Good baits for attracting walleye at Long Lake are fresh or live grubs, worms and crustaceans.

Black Lake

Black Lake is an inland freshwater lake located near Cheboygan, Michigan. The lake itself has over 10,000 acres of prime fishing area. This lake is deep and calm with a maximum depth of 52 feet---making it the perfect breeding ground for walleye. For daytime hours, the center of the lake that is nearest to a rocky bed or overabundance of fallen timbers is a great starting point to locate walleye. Late evening shoreline fishing can be successful near areas that have a murky and rocky bottom.

Article Written By Julie Boehlke

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