The Best Salmon Fishing in Alaska

The Best Salmon Fishing in Alaska
Alaska is home to the best wild salmon fishing in the United States, and arguably the best in North America. It comes blessed with saltwater fishing opportunities, as well as a vast number of creeks and rivers that serve as spawning grounds, offering freshwater anglers their shot at a salmon catch. The main problem confronting an angler in Alaska is choosing from among the numerous fishing sites.

Southcentral Alaska

The south-central fishing area of Alaska is centered around its largest city, Anchorage. Ship Creek, which runs right through Anchorage, is thick with king salmon from late May to mid-July, and then with silver salmon from mid-July until September. This area encompasses Anchorage and its environs, Prince William Sound, the North Cook Inlet and the Kenai Peninsula. Between them, there is a vast array of opportunities for salmon fishing both at sea and in a creek or river, and the potential catch encompasses all five of the salmon types available in Alaska: king, silver, pink, red and chum. Most of the fishing sites in this area are accessible by car, with much of the remainder accessible by boat. Easy access is a blessing and a curse, as anglers will have a hard time finding a site all to themselves. Those looking for an isolated, quiet fishing retreat will need to look elsewhere. However, a fisherman who doesn't mind sharing the creek will have no problems.


Southeastern Alaska

"The panhandle" is the neck of land that extends south from the bulk of Alaska along the Pacific Coast and skirts the Canadian Yukon. It also has all five of Alaska's salmon in its waters, and it offers both fresh and saltwater fishing. However, the king salmon only comes to this area to spawn, so it's strictly a freshwater fish. The panhandle's coastal towns and islands offer many sites reachable by road or boat. However, it can get quite rugged inland, with fishing grounds and lodges that seem remote while being only a short distance from civilization.

Northwestern Alaska

The other salmon fishing region of Alaska is a huge area in the west-center of the state known as the Northwest Management Area. It covers 68,000 square miles and includes Kotzebue Sound, the Seward Peninsula and the Chukchi Sea. All five pacific salmon species make runs in the region's many rivers, but king salmon are present only in small numbers. This is a remote area with plenty of creeks and rivers that can only be reached by helicopter or float plane. That makes this the best place for those looking to get away from it all.


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