Types of Class C Motorhomes

Types of Class C Motorhomes
Class C motorhomes are sometimes referred to as "mini motorhomes" and are built on a van chassis, instead of a larger bus chassis as a Class A motorhome is. Class C motorhomes are typically more family oriented, with four to six beds, full kitchens and a small bathroom area. Class C motorhomes offer different features and accommodations based on the type of chassis they are built on and their overall box construction.

Traditional Class C Motorhome

A traditional Class C motorhome is built on a Ford E450 or Chevrolet Workhorse chassis and features an 8-foot, 5-inch wide box with an overhead bunk bed for additional sleeping capacity. Typical lengths of Class C motorhomes in this class range from 23 to 32 feet.

Hybrid Class C Motorhome

At first glance, a hybrid Class C motorhome looks much like its traditional Class C brethren, with a more streamlined and aerodynamic cap over the cab area. The hybrid Class C motorhome box is also narrower, at 7-feet, 11-inches. These features allow the hybrid Class C motorhome to achieve slightly better fuel economy, but at the expense of sleeping areas and interior space.

Sprinter-Based Class C Motorhomes

Sprinter-based Class C motorhomes are built upon the Dodge Sprinter van chassis, which is smaller than the Ford E450 and Chevrolet Workhorse chassis, and features an economical Mercedes-Benz 6-cylinder turbo-diesel engine. The Sprinter chassis is 7-feet, 6-inches wide and 24-feet, 6-inches long, but some floor plans still offer sleeping capacity for five.

Super C Motorhomes

Super C motorhomes are built on medium-duty truck chassis, usually featuring large diesel engines, and are much larger than traditional Class C motorhomes. Super C motorhomes are typically 32 to 36 feet in length, feature sleeping for six and multiple slide-outs offering much more usable interior space than a traditional Class C motorhome.

Article Written By Roy Scribner

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