Gear to Start Rock Climbing

Gear to Start Rock Climbing
If you want to start rock climbing your first step is to get some professional instruction. Going to a local indoor climbing company is a good start. There you will be taught basic climbing skills in a safe, controlled environment with those that know what they are doing. Once you have the basics you will need to purchase your own equipment.


Ropes are a must if you are planning to climb in the great outdoors. Ropes vary depending on use. For example, what's called a half rope is more for safety not actually climbing. Tell the retailer what the rope will be used for so that he can assist you in choosing what you need.



Carabineers are needed for various reasons in climbing. The are a type of clip that opens in so that things can be attached quickly and not come off easily. They are used to attach ropes to the harness as well as to anchors in the rock. They are also used to attach equipment to the harness.


Chalk and a bag can also be useful to any new climber as well as those that have been climbing for years. If you're sweating because of nerves or heat, chalk can usually absorb the excess liquid. The bag holds the chalk close to the climber so that the climber can access it easily.

Things to Wear

Some things you use while climbing and others you wear for safety. Harnesses, helmets, and shoes are worn for safety as much as for function. A harness is extremely important for beginners. It is secured around the body and is how climbing ropes are attached to the climber. The harness can be secured around the waist and legs, the chest, or both.

Helmets are not a requirement for climbing but are needed for safety reasons. They can protect the head during a short fall as well as keep falling debris from striking the climber from above.

And no one can forget shoes. Without the right type of shoes, climbing can be perilous. Do not attempt climbing with any other type of shoe other than a rock-climbing shoe. The are specially designed to grip the rock to keep the climber from slipping.


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