Top Water Swim Baits

Top Water Swim Baits
Designed to mimic the movement of live action bait, top water swim baits are effective for a variety of fish species including bass and trout. To rig them, you will need a fishing rod and reel combination with an appropriately sized fishing line. Using the eye of the swim bait, tie the lure on your fishing line. Top water swim baits are effective and work well for achieving superior strikes, so watch your line carefully for movement.


Top water swim baits are soft plastic lures designed to permit full body action for superior strikes near the surface of the water. Frog and tadpole varieties are used for top-water fishing or for fishing above the weeds. Other top water swim baits include jerkbaits, which feature tapered tails for strong tail wiggling action. For best results, twitch your line during the retrieve and keep this and other top water swim baits close to the surface of the water for superior strikes.


One of the drawbacks of top water swim baits is poor construction. A thick tail can limit how much full body wiggle action the bait achieves, so avoid cheaper brands that drive down the presentation value by using too much plastic at the tail. To improve the presentation of your top water swim bait, slice no more than a 1/8-inch of plastic off the front of the tail. Cutting the plastic will improve the movement of the bait and provide a more realistic presentation. If the top water swim bait is fine in appearance, it is not necessary to cut it.


Top water swim baits are not just for bank fishing, you can also use them when fishing river channels as well. Concentrate on areas where there are rock beds, or fish along the edge of the river channel. Drag your bait back and forth across the water to create water disturbance and get the attention of hiding fish. To increase your potential for a strike, opt for a large top water swim bait, say 10- to 12-inches long. Paint a red spot along the bait body to create an appearance of blood. Top water swim baits are also effective during early morning and night hours.

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