The Best Running Shoes for People With Flat Feet

The Best Running Shoes for People With Flat Feet
Running can cause strain and stress on the joints, knees and feet. To combat the aches and pains typically associated with running, invest in a pair of running shoes specifically designed for the shape of your foot. Runners with flat feet must pay particular attention to the design and construction of their running shoes. Knowing which features to look for will help you find the best running shoes for flat feet.

Added Support

Runners with flat feet need footwear designed especially for overpronation. Overpronation is a condition that causes the foot to roll inward more than the ideal 15 percent, according to, a website specializing in topics related to running.

Runners in search of the best running shoes for this condition must look for shoes specifically designed with "added support." Foot support is placed across the heel and along the upper and side parts of the shoe.


Stability running shoes offer one of the best technologies for controlling overpronation. Look for stability running shoes that feature dual density foam. Footwear manufacturers insert this foam--which is grayish in color--below the medial side of the arch and around the heel for added support and stability.

Find the term "stability" among the specifications listed by the manufacturer for the shoe or look inside the shoe for the foam on the inside of the midsole. Examples include Nike Zoom Structure Triax+ 13, Brooks Adrenaline GTS 9 and New Balance 1224.

Motion Control

Motion control running shoes are similar to stability running shoes, but motion control shoes feature a raised arch and specially designed upper construction for added support. The raised arch is made from a hard material that helps to seat your foot comfortably in place

Motion control shoes may initially feel rigid and unbending, so test for a level of flexibility that permits natural movement when walking and running. The best motion control running shoes feel supportive and comfortable. Brooks Beast 10, Saucony Progrid Stabil CS and Asics Evolution 4 are examples of motion control running shoes.

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