Easy Meals for Camping With Lots of People

Easy Meals for Camping With Lots of People
Backcountry camping doesn't necessarily mean freeze-dried foods and sandwiches for meal time. Using an aluminum camping cook set, water and a few staple ingredients, you can make delicious meals for large groups. The minimum prep work and quick cook time of about 30 minutes makes these camp dishes a favorite. Children and adults alike will enjoy these flavorful meals.

Pasta Meal

Using an aluminum camping pan combined with any size or shape noodle or pasta you prefer, you can make a large meal for a sizeable camping group. Add two or more cups of clean water or boil water from a local river to kill contaminants. Bring the water to a rapid boil and add 200 grams or enough bow ties, rigatoni or spirals to feed your entire group.

Pasta-to-water ratio will vary as well as cooking times, so follow the manufacturer's directions when preparing your pasta meal. In a separate aluminum camping pan prepare a sauce made up of store-bought tomato sauce or fresh tomatoes, several teaspoons of water and a vegetable like shitake mushrooms or garlic powder for flavor.


Rice Dish

Rice may seem like a simple dish for an entree, but it is easy to cook and can be dressed up with a variety of vegetables and spices for added flavor. Boil two cups of clean water before adding the rice. Prepare any variety of rice such as wild rice, brown rice or white rice in an aluminum camping pan.

Once the rice is done, stir in black beans or red beans, mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes or a spice of your choosing. For a sweeter flavor, top the rice dish with powdered milk, butter, and a pinch of brown sugar. On average, rice takes approximately 30 minutes to cook

Meat & Vegetable Skewers

Grilling meats and vegetables offers a fast and easy way to feed a large camp group. Cut bite-size pieces of your favorite meats and vegetables and top with your favorite spices or just add salt and pepper.

Thread the pieces onto wooden skewers, which are sticks or pins used to suspend food over a fire. Cook each skewer until the meats and vegetables are fully cooked on each side. Pass the skewers to the members of your camp group for easy eating. In most cases, plates are not necessary, as skewers are easy to eat with your hands.


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