10 Best Things to Do in Bend, Oregon

10 Best Things to Do in Bend, Oregon
Bend has a diverse set of activities to choose from during your visit to Oregon. You can see the area from the road, trail, water or even the air. Cap off your day in downtown Bend, where there's plenty of food and music, and then head to your campsite at one of many rustic camping places in the area.


The city of Bend is home to marathons, half marathons, 10ks and 5ks throughout the year. The community is active and enjoys a challenge. While visiting Bend, you can explore the area as you run along the race paths. If you don't like competition, head out on your own.


National forest trails and ski resorts are perfect locations for summer and spring hiking. The Bend area has both. You can climb mountains and hop streams in the nearby forests or trek along your favorite winter ski trails. Either way, you're sure to find a challenging day on the trails.


From forest trails to downhill courses, local ski resorts you can find a trail that fits your style and skill level near Bend. If you don't have the equipment but want to hit the trails anyway, rent a road or mountain bike from a local bike shop and head out for the day.


Whether you hop in a canoe or a drift boat, want to sail or catch a fish, you can find a livery or guide service in Bend to accommodate your needs on the local waterways. Productive fishing rivers and lakes abound in the area, as do scenic river settings, notes the Central Oregon Visitor Association.


You'll find a unique thrill in the skies above Bend as you paraglide with a friend or guide. You can organize a trip in town, take a short safety lesson and find yourself floating through the air.


Whitewater rafting trips down one of the raging rivers near Bend are provided at a number of outfitters. You can set out on the water with an experienced guide to fight through river rapids and navigate around the bends on several challenging runs.


Ski Resorts surround Bend and offer winter activities including downhill and cross country skiing. High-speed lifts at the area's modern resorts will help you get in more runs in a day. You can stay most local resorts or find a lodge nearby.


Make a reservation at one of several stables and horse camps near Bend and you'll soon find yourself taking part taking in the Western tradition. Horse camps offer riding lessons, group rides and lodging accommodations.


After you spend the day on the trail, in the air or on the slopes, you can get some dinner in Bend. Downtown has an eclectic mix of breweries, fine dining and family restaurants. After dinner, you can listen to live music or watch a movie at the local theater.


As night sets in, you can retreat to a variety of camping facilities including rustic national forest campgrounds and modern RV parks with utility hookups, indoor restrooms and showers. You can incorporate camping into your hiking excursion by setting up camp in the Oregon backcountry.

Article Written By Jim Jansen

Jim Jansen has been writing articles since 2005 and has been featured in publications such as "The River Watch," and also contributes to Trails.com and LIVESTRONG.COM. He has a Bachelor of Arts in professional writing from Michigan State University. Jansen specializes in outdoor recreation and environmental topics.

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