The Easiest Ways to Catch Walleyes

The Easiest Ways to Catch WalleyesWalleyes are a popular fish throughout North America, not only for their easy-to-catch nature, but also for their good taste. This voracious eater is a good target for children, as it will bite a variety of lures and baits with little effort in the way of presentation. However, there are certain techniques that will make catching this species even easier.

Bait your Hook with Bottom Feeders

Though Walleyes are known to bite mostly any type of bait, they prefer prey that is typically found near the lakebed. Crustaceans, worms, insects or other fish are popular choices for live baits. Imitation baits such as crankbaits, jigs and plastic worms also are effective choices. Using walleye favorites on your hook will help your chances of landing your dinner.

Use Bottom Bouncing Tackle

Using a bottom bouncer tackle rig you can increase your chances of attracting a hungry walleye. These set ups consist of an L-shape wire, weighted with lead or similarly heavy material. The end of the wire is equipped with a swivel hook for a leader and bait set-up. The L shape positions the bait so as to bounce off rocks and other obstacles on the lakebed, imitating a live prey species as you troll along.

Use Large Baits

Walleye inhale their prey. Present a piece of bait closer to the walleye's mouth circumference to maximize the fish's suction power and ability to inhale it. You can add a plastic body to a jig to increase the surface area of your lure. Choosing larger crustaceans or small fish baits is also an effective method.

Fish the Spawn Run

Walleye spawn season is in the spring. During this time you can find walleye swimming up river, stream and canal inlets to reach their annual spawning grounds. If the lake you plan to fish has these inlets you should fish near the river mouths and slightly upstream. If your lake does not have a river or stream connected to it you can still find spawning walleye each spring. They will be near shallow bars and clean submerged surfaces. Seeking the right area at the right time will lead to more walleye in your boat at the end of the day.

Fish Late in the Summer

When the hot days of summer come, walleye tend to stay up late. Fishing from sundown to midnight on hot summer nights will help align your schedules. The lower temperatures during this time and lack of sun will also bring the fish up from the bottom of the lake. You can find walleye in all levels of the lake at night.

Article Written By Jim Jansen

Jim Jansen has been writing articles since 2005 and has been featured in publications such as "The River Watch," and also contributes to and LIVESTRONG.COM. He has a Bachelor of Arts in professional writing from Michigan State University. Jansen specializes in outdoor recreation and environmental topics.

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