Supply List for Winter Camping

Supply List for Winter CampingWinter camping requires that you reassess what is necessary for a camping trip if your camping has been limited to the warmer months. Many of the aspects associated with summer camping come into play when you head out during the winter, but you must learn to tweak them so they are applicable during cold weather.

Layered Clothing

The rule of clothing during winter camping is layering. You want the ability to shed different thicknesses of material rather than relying on just one very heavy piece that may become too hot as the temperature rises. Layering gives you control over perspiration and ventilation. Depending on the climate conditions in which you go camping, layering can mean packing a lightweight fleece jacket, waterproof overtrousers, woolen balaclava, mittens, gloves, scarf and sunglasses.

Snow Boots

Plastic snow boots should be a part of your winter camping kits if you suspect there will be snow. These boots are made of a thermal inner boot placed inside a plastic outer boot. A pair of metal crampons can be attached to snow boots or regular leather boots to provide a tighter grip on ice beneath your feet.

Candy Bar

According to the author of "Hiking and Backpacking," a candy bar is a useful item to add to your supply list for winter camping. The author recommends sleeping with the candy bar at close reach as it will transform the sugar into internal heat that can get you warm enough to fall back asleep if the cold snaps you from your slumber.

Bivvy Bag

A bright orange bivvy bag should become part of your winter camping kit because it can be of great use during an emergency. The bright colors can be used to signal search crews overhead. The bag also helps to preserve body heat if an emergency survival situation arises.

Catalytic Heater

Even if you've packed adequate clothing to keep warm, in some cases you may need to bring along a portable heater. Gas catalytic heaters run on propane and are safe to use inside a large tent as long as you read the instruction manual and follow the rules exactly.

Food and Beverages

Food and beverages on a winter camping trip should be designed to keep you warm and provide the nutrients you need to remain active. Essentially you are free to pack anything where the instructions boil down to adding hot water and eating. This means things like oatmeal for breakfast and soup for lunch and dinner. Pack hot beverages like coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Snack items can include salami, peanut butter, pita bread, nuts and raisins. Pack all your water bottles upside down to make them easier to open if they freeze overnight.


Article Written By Timothy Sexton

Timothy Sexton is an award-winning author who started writing in 1994. He has written on topics ranging from politics and golf to nutrition and travel, and his work appears online for, Disaboom and MOJO, among others. He has also done work for "Sherlock Holmes and Philosophy." He holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of West Florida.

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