Camping Hatchets

Camping HatchetsCamping requires a lot of preparation to ensure you remain safe and comfortable. Hatchets are one of the most important tools to bring camping. Hatchets are dual use tools in that the one side is equipped for cutting, while the other is used for hammering. Hatchets come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Find one that suits your needs by visiting your local outdoors store. Camping hatchets ensure you will have ample amounts of wood available and remain safe on your camping trip.


Camping hatchets come in many different designs. However, the materials used to make them set them apart from one another. The finer the material, the more expensive the hatchet will cost. Many of the earlier hatchets were made out of wood, with a metal head on the end. Then manufacturers began to use steel throughout the whole hatchet rather than just the blade. You can even find plastic or fiberglass hatchets.


The most common use for a hatchet is cutting wood. However, what sets it apart from an ordinary axe is its ability to do so much more. According to SF Boater, hatchets get used for preparing firewood, getting rid of brush, breaking ice in winter camping and clearing out dead vegetation.

Camping Hatchets

HowToCampingTips states that hatchets can also get used for chopping, trimming, splitting, or even driving nails or pegs to set up a tent or shelter structure.

Protection makes for another common use for a hatchet. When camping you can find yourself in a dangerous situation, especially when it comes to wildlife. By ensuring that your hatchet is close by it could save your life if faced with an attack from a vicious animal like a bear, cougar or coyote.


Hatchets come in an array of sizes and types. However, the most common is the one-piece hatchet. Camping stores sell so many brands and types that choosing the right one for you can get difficult. If you prefer something a little more discrete or compact then perhaps a fold out hatchet would suit your needs. They are much smaller than the regular size, and can even be taken apart or fold for easy handling.



Hatchets range in size from about half a foot to over a meter in length. The larger the hatchet is the more durable it will be. However, a small hatchet is adequate for most family camping trips. If you want the durability of a large hatchet but the convenience of a smaller one then perhaps the folding version or the multi piece hatchets would make for a better fit. You must go to your local camping store to see what they can offer you in terms of types, sizes and composition.

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