RV Camping Supplies List

RV Camping Supplies List
Preparation for a recreational vehicle (RV) camping trip carries a few differences from your old-fashioned hiking and tenting camping expedition. The RV itself means you can carry more equipment for cooking and outdoor activities. Your vehicle should always be packed with some emergency signaling devices, but if you plan to leave the vehicle for an extended time, bring a map, compass, mirror and cell phone. You may also want to bring a global positioning system (GPS) device.

Food Preparation

You'll need a grill and propane if you enjoy grilling next to your RV. Plan a full daily menu ahead of time. This not only allows you to decide quickly what to eat at the campground, but you can also pack your food inside the vehicle by day so you can prepare meals more efficiently.


Portable Generator

A portable generator is a useful supply item for the RV camper who doesn't plan to park at one of the RV campgrounds that provides utility hookups.

Leveling Blocks

You want to make sure your RV is level and stable even when the campground isn't. Don't leave without your wooden leveling blocks. It won't take up much space or money to buy two different kinds of leveling blocks.


Pack a tent in case you want to get away from the civilized camping symbolized by your recreational vehicle. You never know when you might feel the call of the wild. If you don't use it, most packed tents won't take up a lot of space.


Even the luxury of an RV can get a little boring, especially for children. Families should invest in a television or video monitor and bring along some DVDs or video games for kids to play. Indoor entertainment may not be relegated merely to traveling time. Heavy rains could keep the family inside until the storm passes, so give yourself and the kids something entertaining to do.


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