Comparisons of Inflatable Kayaks

Comparisons of Inflatable Kayaks
Inflatable kayaks make excellent companions for traveling sailing enthusiasts. Inflatable kayaks made of lightweight fiberglass, plastic or PVC creates easy-to-assemble boats that are light to carry and simple to store. When deflated, they fold into duffle bags, the size of a small suitcase. Different types of inflatable kayaks are available for various types of water and load weight.

Whitewater Kayaks

Inflatable whitewater kayaks come as sit-in and sit-on kayaks. Experienced kayakers usually use sit-in kayaks, which have a small cockpit for sitting while paddling. Sit-in whitewater kayaks come in solo and tandem models. Beginners find sit-on kayaks easier to paddle. This type of kayak does not have a cockpit like the sit-in kayak. Both types of kayaks come in different models made of Hypalon, rubber or polyurethane-coated cloth. You can inflate the kayaks using a manual or electric pump. Easy to store and carry in a car, these kayaks come with warranties that range from one to 10 years. Well-known models of whitewater kayaks include Aireforce, Tributary Tomcat and the Innova Safari. For environmentally conscious sailors the NRS Bandit offers a PVC-free inflatable kayaking experience. Whitewater inflatable kayaks come as small single-person solo kayaks and larger tandem kayaks.

Sea Kayaks

Inflatable sea kayaks, made from sturdy PVC or plastic material, have the capacity to handle light waves and rough and choppy ocean conditions with equal competence. Kayaks for sailing on ocean waters and for ocean fishing are available. Some kayaks come with floor boards to give a firm platform while sailing or fishing on rough seas. They come with the option of attaching a small outboard motor for easier maneuverability and with warranties ranging from one to 10 years. Well-known models of inflatable sea kayaks include Sea Eagle, Sevylor and Prowler.

Fishing Kayaks

Inflatable kayaks make convenient fishing expedition companions because anglers can take them to any destination. Anglers can fix an outboard motor on most models of inflatable fishing kayaks. Anglers can carry inflatable kayaks on their fishing boats and use them for fishing in narrow channels and waters where boats cannot reach. Popular models of inflatable fishing kayaks are Airis Angler, Sea Eagle Paddle Ski and the Innova Solar.

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