Campgrounds in Wrightwood, California

Campgrounds in Wrightwood, California
Wrightwood, California is located on the western edge of the Angeles National Forest. The small town is near national forest campgrounds, each providing different advantages and views of the surrounding forest and desert environments. Staying at one of these campgrounds will put you near hiking trails, canoeing, mountain summits and panoramic views.

Manker Flats

Manker Flats, just south of Wrightwood, is the closest campground to Mount Baldy. The campground is nearby trailheads for the Sheep Mountain Wilderness hiking trails. It has 21 sites, nine of which are tent only. No RV accommodations are available at the campground. The area is well wooded, affording adequate privacy to most sites, though rocky ground makes pitching tents a challenge. A series of crisscrossing trails around the campground make this a convenient place to make base camp as you hike and explore the area or climb to the summit of nearby Mount Baldy.

Manker Flats Campground

Mt. Baldy Road

Lytle Creek, California 92358


Mountain Oak

Mountain Oak, West of Wrightwood, is a shady mountain campground. Canoeing, swimming and fishing are available activities on nearby Jackson Lake. Hiking trails are scarce in the area, so plan to stick to the lake if you do not feel comfortable navigating in the wilderness without a trail. The campground is small with 17 tightly arranged sites that offer little privacy. Bear-proof food containers are available at each site and camp stoves require a permit during the dry season. Permits can be obtained at the ranger district office.

Mountain Oak Campground

County Rt. N4/Pines Hwy

Wrightwood, CA 92397


South Fork

South Fork is a desert campground with mountainous surroundings. Near the campground you will find common desert plants including sagebrush and juniper trees. The campground has a rustic feel to it and serves as a convenient base camp for hiking in the area. Nearby hiking trails are the Manzanita Trail, South Fork Trail and Punch Bowl Trail. Big Rock Creek runs near this 21-site campground. Privacy is good for most of the sites. Water is not available at the campground but can be obtained from nearby Sycamore Flats campground.

South Fork Campground

Rt. 4N11A

Wrightwood, CA 92397


Table Mountain

Table Mountain is one of the largest campgrounds in the Wrightwood area. It has 111 campsites, most of which accommodate both tents and RVs. The campground is arranged in eight mountain-top loops overlooking the Mojave Desert and surrounding mountains. Water pumps are available throughout the campground and some sites provide bear-proof food containers. If you want a more secluded tent camping experience look for a site on the Knoll, a dead end with no turn-around for RVs. This area is quiet and offers additional privacy. Activities in the area include hiking, disc golf and occasional entertainment.

Table Mountain Campground

22223 Big Pines Hwy.

Wrightwood CA 92397


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