Bass Fishing Technique Tips

Bass Fishing Technique Tips
The varieties of bass are almost as numerous as the techniques used to catch them. The largemouth, smallmouth and striped bass are among the most popular species sought and caught throughout North America. Some anglers use only lures while others prefer live bait. One of the joys of fishing bass is the sight of the fish jumping through the water and vigorously shaking their head as they attempt to fight their way out of their destiny.

Bass Bugging

Bass bugging is a popular technique when fly fishing. According to A.J. McClane in his book "Secrets of Successful Fishing," most bass are likely to be scared away by the casting than the lure, so your technique should start with short casts and gradually make them longer until the presentation of the bug is as far as you can comfortably work it.

Surf Fishing

When surf fishing for bass, wear a pair of chest waders because you will be on the lookout for things you can't see. Survey the water for signs of a gully or a deep hole where bass are feeding on crabs and shrimp. The best way is to become familiar enough with an area so you can read where the surf has pockets of activity that are not as frenzied as the area surrounding it.

Lure Fishing

Lure-fishing for bass is going to lead you to rocky areas of the shoreline. The bass will use rocks and seaweed for cover until they ambush their prey. Visit the shore you'll be fishing from to see the spots where bass are likely to gather. Things to look for include rocky ground that is shallow enough to entice the bass and, on the ocean, gullies that the incoming tide will fill up.

Striped Bass

Striped bass can often be found hunting for food close to structures like docks or bridges. Techniques used to catch striped bass include using cut bait with a spinning reel and drifting the bait under a float. Another technique is to ease your boat up close to any structure and cover as much water as possible when you cast. Anglers going after striped bass in saltwater also have good luck steering the boat so that the bait can work its way back toward a pier or just a shallow rocky area.

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