The Best Lures for Spring Time Bass Fishing in Ohio

The Best Lures for Spring Time Bass Fishing in Ohio
Ohio is home to a variety of bass species. Anglers can fish for bass throughout the year though springtime is one of the most opportune periods to catch them because of peak activity. The types of lures and bait for bass fishing varies depending on the specific fish, season and fishing grounds. In Ohio, bass anglers can find fish throughout the state including Lake Erie, Acton Lake, Ohio River, Buckeye Lake and more.

Largemouth Bass

Largemouth bass can be caught in streams, rivers, ponds and most reservoirs and inland lakes in the state. The average fish length in Ohio is 21 inches. Baits and lures with dark colors are very productive in the spring. From March to April, anglers use lures with slow to fast action to imitate movements of crawfish. Lures, such as lizard or tube baits and Jig & Pig creature baits in colors such as green pumpkin and blue-black, are quite effective.

Hybrid Striped Bass

A cross between striped and white bass, hybrid striped bass are one of the hardest fighting fish in the state, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. The average length of hybrid striped bass is 21 inches. When fishing in faster moving waters like the Ohio River tail waters during springtime, use lures like jigs and heavy spoons. In waters with less current, fish with crankbaits and imitation minnow baits are most effective.

Smallmouth Bass

Smallmouth bass is another type of bass in the state. Most anglers catch these fish species by wading or boating on streams. Anglers can find naturally reproducing fish in reservoirs and streams in Ohio. The state average smallmouth bass length is 20 inches. During spring, the best lures are ones that imitate bait fish. Lures, such as twister tail jigs, spinners white tubes and silvery tubes, are very effective in luring these fish. Anglers often find smallmouth bass in areas like deep pools with wood cover, undercut banks or large boulder when fishing during spring.

White Bass

White bass are found in Lake Erie and many other larger reservoirs and tributaries in Ohio. According to the Ohio Division of Wildlife, anglers can find some of the best white bass fishing in Lake Erie tributaries during spring time. Averaging 16 inches, these fish can be caught from March to April with bait fish attached with small jigs tipped with minnows or plastic tails. Small shiny spinners or spoons also work. Many white bass anglers also use minnows under bobbers.

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