Different Kinds of Fishing Bait Used in North Carolina

Different Kinds of Fishing Bait Used in North Carolina
North Carolina is home to a variety of freshwater and saltwater fish species. From catfish to crappie and largemouth bass, North Carolina's lakes and rivers are populated with a high number of small and large fish. When fishing in North Carolina, choose from various types of baits, including popular choices such as minnows, worms and chicken liver. With such a distinctive geology, North Carolina is an ideal destination for good bait and superior strikes.

Minnows (Small, Medium, Large and Jumbo)

Crappie anglers are putting minnows to good use at some of North Carolina's most noted rivers and lakes, including Jordan Lake, High Rock Lake and Lake Hickory, where crappie and largemouth bass are found in coves and along the shoreline, according to the online article, "North Carolina Fishing Report," published by the North Carolina Fishing Online website. Minnows are highly accessible in North Carolina and can be purchased at local bait stores or caught in Western North Carolina mountain streams at an average size of about 4 inches, according to Lynda McDaniel's article entitled, "Longstreet Highroad Guide to the North Carolina Mountains," which is available on the Sherpa Guide's website.

Worms (Red and Night Crawlers)

When angling for trout in North Carolina, purchase live worms from a local bait shop, local supplier or local worm breeder. Most suppliers package fishing worms inside a breathable bag or container, which increases the worm's potential to thrive. Live worms are typically sold by the pound. A variety of species including red worms and earthworms are available in North Carolina. You can also use worms when angling for bass, crappie and catfish, which are very popular in North Carolina.

Chicken Liver

For superior strikes when fishing for bullhead catfish in North Carolina, rig your fishing line with chicken liver or cut shad. Other catfish species, including flatheads and channels, are also found in North Carolina. Purchase chicken liver from a local grocer or bait shop and visit a catfish hotspot such as Badin Lake, Yadkin River, Falls Lake--all of which have a high number of catfish. Other water sources in North Carolina where catfish can be found include ponds, lakes, watersheds, rivers and creeks.

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