The Best Sports Containers for Water

The Best Sports Containers for Water
Dehydration can wreak havoc on your body, turning an otherwise great day of hiking into an unpleasant scenario as you struggle with sensations of dry mouth, dizziness, a splitting headache, low energy and general weakness. Ignore these initial symptoms and you could end up in a life-threatening situation. Prevent dehydration while hiking or participating in other physical activities by bringing along an easy-to-handle sports container that allows you to drink water easily while moving.

Hydration Pack

A well-designed hydration pack, such as the Camelbak M.U.L.E. NV, allows you to carry water comfortably on your back with the sipping hose hanging down over a shoulder. This feature makes drinking regularly while you exercise easy, since you don't need to stop and remove a water bottle from your pack. Purchase a size and type of pack according to personal comfort plus the requirements of your preferred regular fitness activities.


Handheld Bottles

Handheld water bottles offer a convenient way to carry water for day hikers and other exercisers who don't use their hands while working out. Water bottles designed with comfortable straps that loop around the back of the hands, such as the GoLite HydroClutch, offer water at your fingertips, plus a zipper pocket for keys or energy gel. Handheld bottles with hand straps usually feature a mouth-operated open-and-close system for quick sipping without spilling.

Waist Belt Bottles

If you need your hands free while hiking for holding a dog leash or a child's hand, taking photos, a hiking stick or another activity, carry your water on a waist belt. Options include the GoLite HydroSpeed, which features a bounce-free belt holding two bottles and comes in both men's and women's styles. This option allows you to have virtually instant access to your water while saving your backpack space for other items.


If you don't mind stopping regularly to pause and take in your surroundings while you pull your water bottle from your backpack, a standard sports water bottle will suffice. Choose from wide-mouth and narrow-mouth designs, as well as from metal or plastic bottles. Popular manufacturers such as SIGG, Nalgene and Camelback offer a range of designs, colors, sizes and styles that allow you to express yourself in your choice of water container.

Filtered Water

If you don't want to bring all of your water with you and you know you'll have access to creeks, rivers or lakes along your journey, use a water bottle with a built-in filtration system, such as the Katadyn Exstream Purifier Bottle. This lightweight water bottle filters out dangerous micro-organisms without any pumping or preparation on your part. Simply bite down on the valve to release purified water slowly into your mouth.

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