Lake Arthur Walleye Fishing Tips

Lake Arthur Walleye Fishing Tips
Lake Arthur, located in Pennsylvania's Moraine State Park, is a 3,225-acre, warm-water lake. It contains pike, bass, catfish, bluegill and walleye, many of which the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission stock each year. Walleye fishing is a popular activity in the lake during the summer months, but can continue throughout the year.


Walleye are on the move, heading toward shallow waters where they will spawn before returning to deep holes during the spring and summer months. During this time small lures such as crankbaits, jigs and plastic worms work well. Focus on underwater humps and ledges or shallow areas near the shore where the walleye will likely find places to hide.



Go fishing in shallow waters during the morning and evening hours as the weather gets warmer in the summer. Move onto deeper waters in the middle of the lake when the sun rises and the shallow water temperature increases. Continue to use crankbaits, jigs and plastic worms in the shallow areas, but change to bottom feeder imitations such as crawfish as you move deeper water.

Fall and Winter

In fall you should continue fishing the shallow water in the morning, moving into deeper water during mid-day. Use crankbaits, jigs and spoon lures to attract the increasingly lethargic walleye. When the temperature drops and winter sets, slow your retrieval of your lure. In the winter, walleye are more concerned with conserving energy than with chasing down meals. It is important for you to find the fish and create an easy looking presentation of the lure during this time. Continue using jigs and spoon lures.

Bottom Bouncing

Walleye are cold-water fish, but Lake Arthur is a warm-water lake. Though walleye are able to survive in warm-water, they will tend to stick near the deeper, colder water. Using lures that imitate species of prey that are typically found on the lake bed is an effective method of walleye fishing called bottom bouncing. Bait a bottom-bouncing lure with crayfish, leeches, or night crawlers and you will increase your chance of getting a bite.


Several marked locations in Lake Arthur are off-limits to fishing. However, volunteers and park employees have created fish habitats throughout the lake, which serve as excellent locations for early morning walleye fishing as well as other species. Lake maps showing these and other productive locations are available at the park office.

Moraine State Park

225 Pleasant Valley Road

Portersville, PA 16051



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