Fishing Trips to Whittier, Alaska

Fishing Trips to Whitter, Alaska
A charming, sleepy town about an hour south of Anchorage, Whittier's easy access to world-class fishing makes it a bucket-list destination for anyone who loves to fish. Whittier's fishing areas boast enormous specimens of halibut, salmon, lingcod, rock fish, salmon sharks and other briny beauties--and you won't have to search for them alone. Some of the region's most accomplished fishermen are at the ready to guide your Whittier fishing experience.

Henlock Ridge Charters

Captain John Norris, a 10-year veteran of the Whittier fishing scene, braves Prince William Sound in The Offshore Hunter, a 34-foot catamaran with a full walk-around deck and a zippy 30 mph cruising speed. You're likely to see a few whales on the way out, before you settle in to pull up 200-lb. halibut from the ship's comfy, stable fishing platform. Helock Ridge Charters, the boat's operating company, books fishing trips throughout the region's seasons, allowing you to set out in pursuit of yelloweye rockfish, lingcod, halibut and salmon sharks.

Henlock Ridge Charters

Whittier, Alaska 99693

Tel: +1-907-315-1724


MJ's Bread & Butter Charters

You'll be in love with MJ's from the moment you pick up your license, ever-so-conveniently, in their harbor office. MJ's vessels are exactingly outfitted (from top-of-the-line fish finding technology to heated cabins, flush marine heads and a fridge in the galley), and they'll sweep you away to the Sound's premier sportfishing areas. When you come back in, MJ's will even arrange to ship your catch direct to your door.

If you have nonfishing types in your party, MJ's can arrange private sightseeing tours, taking you on a spectacular tour of the Sound that includes waterfalls, glaciers and a stunning variety of wildlife.

MJ's Bread 'n' Butter Charters

P.O.Box 780

Whittier, AK 99693

Tel: +1-888-472-2396

Sound Fun Charters

Family-owned and -operated, Sound Fun Charters runs one of the eco-friendliest ships in the Port of Whitter: the M/V Sound Fun. The vessel is roomy, cozy and outfitted with the latest fish-finding gadgets--and what's more, the crew is some of the friendliest on the Sound. The ship's seasoned captain, Roger, handcrafts his own spot-on terminal tackle (so start weight-training your fishing arms ASAP).

If you have a few days to spend, Sound Fun Charters will hook you up with a multiday adventure that includes an epic amount of fishing, comfy lodging and home-cooked meals.

Sound Fun Charters

Whittier, Alaska 99693

Tel: +1-907-350-0884


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