Muskie Fishing Resources

Muskie Fishing Resources
The muskellunge, or muskie, is a popular game fish in North American lakes. It is similar to the pike in its aggressive behavior. Magazines, websites and books are excellent resources for learning more about the behavior of muskies, as well as the best techniques and equipment for catching them. If you take the advice of experts regarding muskie, you are more likely to have a fun and successful fishing trip.

Musky Hunter Magazine

Musky Hunter magazine and its website,, offer constantly updated information on both the best techniques for catching muskie and current fishing conditions in a variety of North American locations. Anglers can use the site to find guide services and lodges and to discuss fishing conditions in recently fished areas.

The site not only provides professional information, which Musky Hunter Magazine staff provides, but it also brings local fishermen together in a cohesive atmosphere. These qualities make it an excellent source for fishermen looking for information regarding their next fishing trip.

Musky 411 is a simple site that features information from several professional musky fisherman, including "Musky Hunter Magazine" editor Jim Saric, musky fishing guidebook author Steve Heiting and television personality Pete Maina, among others. The information on the site includes musky behavior, locating techniques, fishing tips and guide directories. The website also has several discussion boards where fishermen can share information about specific locations and the quality of fishing in those areas.

"The Complete Guide to Musky Hunting"

Written by musky fishing experts Jim Saric and Steve Heiting, "The Complete Guide to Musky Hunting" provides readers with a compendium of well-organized musky fishing techniques, behavioral diagrams and advice. First published in 1999, the book has since been revised and is in its second edition. The book not only provides common tactics for musky fishing, but it also introduces new methods of fishing for these trophy fish.

This handbook of musky fishing lays out the important aspects of the sport, including lures, tackle and fish behavior from a beginner's point of view. Richard Minich, in his book "Becoming a Musky Hunter," explains that Saris and Heiting "elaborate on the many things you should know."

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