Camping Stove Brands

Camping Stove BrandsSeveral brands of camping stoves, each with models designed for different types of camping, are available at most camping retailers. Some stoves are lightweight and ideal if you need to pay close attention to each and every ounce of weight you put in your pack. Other stoves are equipped with more user-friendly features and are perfect if you intend to spend the weekend at a campground or RV park.


Coleman is a long time producer of camping and hiking equipment. They offer several different types of camping stoves ranging from lightweight tabletop propane grills to ultra-light backpacking stoves. Their tabletop grills are a conventional design made from aluminum and ideal for camping out of a car at a traditional campground or RV park.

The company's backpacking stoves, however, are designed for backcountry use, and like most other backpacking stove designs, they are stripped down to the essentials: a fuel tank and a pot supporter. Some models are equipped to burn different types of fuel including liquid fuel, unleaded fuel and kerosene.

Coleman stoves are more expensive on average than most other lightweight camping stove manufacturers, but the company has been a trusted source for camping equipment since the early 20th century.


MSR specializes in lightweight backpacking and adventure sports gear. Their stove designs are focused on lightweight materials and designs as well as burning efficiency. Although their stoves are comparatively less expensive than many other brands, they are often a trusted source of heat in remote and unforgiving environments.

Many MSR camping stoves burn a variety of fuel types including: white gas, kerosene, unleaded fuel, diesel fuel and even jet fuel. The company sells various accessories to supplement the cooking power of their stoves. Windscreens, heat reflectors, stuff sacks and replacement bottles are available both on the MSR website and in most backpacking and adventure sports retail outlets.


Jetboil produces all-in-one cooking systems designed for camping and other active outdoor activities. The company's main stove designs are the Helios and the Flash cooking systems. Both systems use a propane and isobutene mix, which is meant to provide efficient and consistent cooking heat regardless of the amount of fuel in the canister.

The Helios system is designed for cooking food items for multiple people. The stove is designed for pots and pans and can accommodate a greater amount of food and liquid than the Flash system. As with all Jetboil stoves the cooking container attaches to the stove, rather than resting on top. This feature adds safety and stability to the overall design.

The Flash cooking system is designed for individual use. It features a two-cup mug that attaches directly to the heating source. The design allows you to carry the entire assemble together, speeding up cooking preparation time as well as enhancing convenience and safety. All Jetboil food and beverage containers are well insulated and feature a neoprene coat. These added features speed up cooking time and keep food hot longer.


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