Types of Camping Tents & Weather Conditions

Types of Camping Tents & Weather Conditions
If you've ever spent a sleepless night shivering in the wrong tent, you know the importance of choosing the right tent for the weather conditions in which you're camping. All tents are not equal, and you'll pay dearly in comfort if you think your summer backpacking tent will hold up to a November downpour.

All-Season Tents

Don't be fooled by the "all-season" name; these tents aren't suitable for cold or inclement weather. They do, however, fit the bill for a relaxed, summertime camping trip--especially if you have a guest list, since most all-season tents are roomy.

Backpackers, take heed: all-season tents are generally not designed with weight reduction as a concern, so these tents are best suited to car camping, not packing in and out.


Three-Season Tents

The most versatile of the types, three-season tents, are suitable for most of the conditions normal camping will throw at you, as well as most of the configurations (from two-person backpacking tents to family-size shelters) you need to outfit.

Most three-season tents are designed as dome tents, with a waterproofed rain fly that sheds precipitation while allowing ventilation through mesh panels, and a sewn-in floor. The dome shape allows these tents to hold fast through moderate wind. Some models are more waterproofed than others, so check the specifications of your prospective tent, if you think it could rain during your camping trip.

Four-Season Tents

If you're camping in the dead of winter, the only tent that will suit your needs is a four-season tent, which is customized for the rigors of extreme cold-weather conditions.

There are many variations between brands and models, but these tents are generally well-waterproofed, small and lightweight. Their vertical walls are designed to keep snow from collecting on the roof and sides. Because they're more technical, they tend to be more expensive--but if you're going to be out in the extreme elements, you'll be glad you spent the extra cash.


Article Written By Annette O'Neil

Annette O'Neil graduated from the University of Southern California with degrees in cinema, global communication and geology. A writer for more than a decade, O'Neil has written copy, content and editorial articles for hundreds of clients and publications, including Yoga Awakening Africa and Whole Life Times.

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