Fishing Tips for Old Men

Fishing Tips for Old Men
Fishing at any age requires specific skills, and it can become more challenging as you get older. Whether you're an angler with many years of experience or an older angler getting back on the water after some time, there are some things you can do to help get the best strikes and make the best use of your equipment.

Bank Fishing

Older fishermen sometimes prefer fishing from the bank to handling a boat. But there are plenty of ways to catch fish from the bank. For example, older fisherman can fish for shad from a cove, creek or other water source where water is low and direct sunlight is high. You don't have to cast your line far, because fast currents drive shad near the shoreline, and herons and predator fish keep them there. Shad are found in water up an down the East and West coast, with high populations in the Columbia River, which is the largest river in the Pacific Northwest.


Loosening the Drag

Loosening the drag on saltwater and freshwater fishing poles can be helpful to the older angler. Loosening the drag lessens the pressure on the line. With a looser drag, you can cast farther without exerting as much force.

Throw lines

Trade in your heavy and expensive equipment for throw lines, which provide a quick and easy way to get hooks in the water. You don't have to do much prep work, and you can set up your lines either from shore or from a boat. Attach one end of your line to a tree or bank pole and the other to a weight. You can add as many hooks as you want. Throw the weighted end into the water; you'll need at least 25 to 30 feet of line to reach a good fishing depth. Check for fish every two to three hours.

Additional Tips

Fish with a friend or sign up with a fishing group in your city. That way, you will not be alone in case of an emergency. You also should bring a cell phone, and call a family member or friend to let him know where you are fishing, especially if you are fishing a remote area. Finally, when you buy your fishing license, check for the senior discount.


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