Blue Catfish Fishing Baits & Techniques

Blue Catfish Fishing Baits & Techniques
Blue catfish closely resembles the channel catfish with its whiskers around the mouth and its characteristic forked tail. You can mostly find this predominantly blue-gray to gray-blue colored fish in reservoirs and larger river systems although they do occasionally inhabit smaller bodies of waters. Additionally, blue catfish prefer clean and calmer waters unlike the channel catfish. With a lot of patience and a few tips and pointers, a productive day of blue catfish fishing is close at hand.


Use liver baits to entice blue catfish; livers work best for the first 15 minutes on a hook, especially in fishing grounds with mild currents. Because they tend to lose natural juices fast underwater, you will need to replace them periodically with a fresh bait, especially when you move to cast in a different spot. Other effective blue catfish baits are live shiners, cut bait and stink baits. When casting in rivers, shad baits are extremely productive because they tend to be the primary natural forage in the water. When minnows and other bait fish species are prevalent instead of shad, use those instead. Use baits with a strong odor to attract blue catfish because they rely on their keen sense of smell when feeding.


Blue catfish spawns at 70 to 84 degrees Fahrenheit, this is the peak season when you can target them. During spawning, locate blue catfish as they gather closer upstream when the water reaches the ideal temperature for nesting, according to the Game and Fish Magazine. These cats prefer to spawn in secluded and dark areas similar to those places they normally inhabit.


Search for blue catfish in areas fed by large tributaries and major rivers in your local area. Blue catfish tend to congregate in places with undercuts in structures and hollowed out logs. Also look for them near shoreline rocks and close to reeds. Focus on shady spots as blue catfish like to linger in low light and reedy areas.

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