Camping Food for Vegetarians

Camping Food for VegetariansWhether you are just going camping at your favorite drive-in campground or perhaps heading out on a week-long trek through rugged terrain, vegetarian campers can still successfully put together a tasty, nutritious and energizing menu, no matter where your outdoor endeavor takes you. Through careful planning of meals and trail snacks, vegetarians can eat well in the outdoors.

All About Protein

Vegetarians who choose not to eat meat products can still rely on eggs and dairy products to obtain some of the protein supply that is readily available through beef, fish, chicken and pork. However, some vegetarians do not eat eggs and dairy because these two food groups also consist of animal products. These people are commonly called vegans. Still, no matter what the exact nature of your dietary intake is, there is no reason that you can't enjoy meals and snacks while exploring the great outdoors.

The Incredible Egg

Because the egg has the highest percent of usable protein of all common foods, it might be a good choice for camping trips. However, because whole eggs can break or spoil easily, fresh samples of these tasty vittles would be best limited to those camping at or near their automobile. Vegetarian backpackers might want to consider the possibility of dried eggs or an alternative combination, such as oatmeal and soy milk, both of which can be purchased in the powdered form. Powdered eggs, however, are not for everybody. Some campers love the product, while others avoid the freeze-dried eggs at all costs.


Combining Proteins

Combining protein sources for enhanced taste and energy is very important to the diet of vegetarians, no matter where they are eating. When combining proteins, it is essential to limit the combinations to two complimentary sources of protein. Some tasty duos that you can pack for the trail or consume at a campground are oatmeal and soy milk, whole grain bread with nut butter, hummus and pita bread, beans and rice, or split-pea soup with whole grain crackers.

Other Foods

When searching for fruits or vegetables to take camping, vegetarians can mostly follow the same strategies used by meat-eating campers. Dried fruits are always important to campers because they weigh little while providing a healthy food addition that helps maintain regularity. Green, leafy vegetables may be the most difficult item for vegetarian backpackers to pack, but this food group should not present a problem for campground campers. Backpackers should find tasty vegetarian freeze-dried items or bring along a vegetable soup mix, such as split pea.

High-Energy Foods

Camping Food for Vegetarians

Vegetarian campers engaging in strenuous activities will need foods high in caloric content. These items can be specially geared towards the outdoor enthusiasts, such as a high-energy bar, or common items found in health food stores, including sesame bars and granola cookies. All campers, unless diabetic, should bring along a few sweet items packed with calories to use as snacks before undergoing hearty exercise.

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