Brown Trout Fishing in Clearfork, Ohio

Brown Trout Fishing in Clearfork, OhioClear Fork is a branch of the Mohican River located in Richland and Ashland counties in Ohio. The river flows east from Clear Fork Reservoir, meanders through Pleasant Hill Reservoir and Mohican State Park. As one of only three streams in the state that is stocked with brown trout, you can find plenty of spots with healthy populations of fish.

Mohican State Park (pictured)

Clear Fork River flows through the Mohican State Park, a 1,110-acre park located in Ashland County. Fishing for brown trout is abundant below the Pleasant Hill Dam within the park.  According to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, about 10,000 fingerling brown trout are stocked in the river every year since 1992. The river is stocked in October and averages 6 to 8 inches of brown trout fingerling.  Other game fish you might find are bass, carp, crappie, perch, catfish and bluegill. Canoeing is also allowed, which enables you to cover more fishing ground when searching for brown trout.

Hot Spots

Cast your fishing line in other access sites including the area between Cutnaw Road and Stoffer Road bridges at the Wade and Gatton Nursery property.  The area of the river upstream of the Pleasant Hill road passes through private property. Be sure to obtain permission to avoid trespassing when fishing in this part of the river. Productive brown trout fishing can be found in undercut banks and in areas surrounding boulders and fallen trees, according to the Ohio Division of Wildlife. Other hot spots for brown trout are through the river's runs, eddies, holes and riffle areas.


All anglers age 16 and older must have a valid state-issued fishing license to take any fish in Ohio.  You can obtain an annual fishing license, a one-day fishing license or a three-day nonresident tourist's license. Brown trout fishing in Clear Fork has a minimum length limit of 12 inches and a daily bag limit of two.

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