The Best Freshwater Lures for Early Summer Fishing for Bass

The Best Freshwater Lures for Early Summer Fishing for Bass
During the early summer, bass have just finished spawning and will not entirely leave shallow water, though they may drop off to the water's first breakline. The best lures are ones that can attract bass with plenty of movement as well as those that are versatile enough to be fished in many ways. Expect to see lighter-weight bass compared to before the spawning period, but with the right types of baits and lures, bass fishing can still be productive.

Golden Shiner Lures

The best lures for largemouth bass fishing are those that imitate their natural food. Golden shiner lures are especially effective during spring or early summer, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Golden shiner is a cyprinid fish that is a natural part of a bass' diet; it also is native to eastern North America. Artificial golden shiner lures can be fished near the bottom as well as around structures. Bumping artificial golden shiners from structures creates erratic motions that trigger strikes from bass. Additionally, the lure's consistent wobble produces a flash that increases visibility. A lipless, rattling crankbait lure imitates a golden shiner and anatomically resembles a juvenile shad.


Crayfish Lures

According to the Game and Fish Magazine, using crayfish or an imitation lure is sure-fire way to catch smallmouth bass. Bass likes to gorge on these crustaceans at every opportunity especially early in the season when temperatures are just warming. Imitation crayfish lures included crayfish-colored jigs, soft plastic and crankbaits. Lures come in shades of rust, tan, brown olive or gray to match the natural crayfish color in the fishing ground. To use these lures, position them at the depths bass are most likely to encounter crayfish and reel in a slow and steady manner. Crayfish lures are designed to have a wiggle action underwater as well as in realistic colors. A brighter color can be used when fishing for bass in murky waters or in colder temperatures.


During early warming periods, largemouth bass tend to hit the flats to feed. Lures that work in these areas include small, skirted jigs ranging from 1/4 to 3/8 ounce. This lure is used by hopping it across the flat. Bucktail jigs, or leadhead jigs with a 3-inch body made of hair, also attract largemouth bass. Jigs offer versatility because they can be used by jigging, snap jigging or vertically jigging in open water or around cover. Smallmouths often go on a bucktail bite and have proven to heavily outproduce other presentations, according to the Game and Fish Magazine. Jigs with hair provide plenty of realistic movement and flowing motions to attract bass.


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