The Best Bass Lures for Southwest Ohio

The Best Bass Lures for Southwest Ohio
Bass can be found in many of the lakes, creeks and reservoirs in the southwest part of Ohio. Waters with healthy populations of bass include Acton Lake, Paint Creek Lake, Stonelick Lake and Caesar Creek Lake. The average bass length in Ohio is 21 inches. The state record weighed in at 13.13 pounds and was taken from Farm Pond by Roy Landsberger in 1976.

Plastic Worms

Plastic worm lures are some of the best lures for attracting bass and are also recommended by the pros, according to the Ohio Game and Fish Magazine. Dropshot worm lures are especially effective right before the spawning period, says Aaron Martens, a 10-time qualifier for the Bassmaster Classic. The plastic worms' long and thin appearance as well as its lifelike action are quite effective. Crankbaits are best used in warm waters, above 55 degrees during the warmer months of summer. Plastic worm lures such as a 4.5- and 6-inch Roboworm fat straight tails come in bold bluegill and red crawler colors.


Shad are a predominant forage food item for bass in larger water bodies. By the month of November in Ohio, including in southwestern waters, mature shad have reached their life's end and are beginning to die off. This is the time when bass are actively feeding on shad making shad-imitating crankbaits the best lures to use. Choose crankbaits in colors of pearl, silver, chrome or white.


Spinnerbaits are effective bass lures in Southwest Ohio, especially in Acton Lake, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. Spinnerbaits work well in fishing waters with visibility of 3 to 4 feet or less. They are versatile lures that you can fit to different fishing conditions. Furthermore, it can cover a lot of water in a short period of time and can be used year-round. Use the Lucky Craft Redemption lure in 1/2-ounce with a chartreuse-shad kit to attract bass, especially right before the spawning period.

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