Overnight Packing List for Young Scout Camping

Overnight Packing List for Young Scout Camping
A Girl Scout or Boy Scout should always being prepared, and packing is the first stage of preparation. If you are going on an overnight scouting camping trip, keep the weather, destination and activities in mind, and double-check your packing list to make sure it has everything you need. It is better to over-pack a bit than to leave necessities behind.


A Scout should be prepared, and that includes packing appropriate clothing for your camping trip. Begin by packing your scouting uniform if it is required by your troop. For one night, bring two T-shirts, two pairs of socks and two pairs of underwear. Pack both shorts and pants, and bring a sweatshirt along in case it gets cold. Bring a pair of sneakers to wear around camp and some sturdy boots for hiking.

Pack for the season. For a summer trip with swimming planned, bring a swimsuit and a beach towel. For a winter trip, pack thick socks, long underwear, winter gloves and a warm hat. If there is any chance of rain, bring a poncho.

Bunking Supplies

Bring supplies for the place where you will sleep. For an overnight tent trip, bring a sleeping bag, sheet, sleeping pad and pillows with pillow cases. If you will be sleeping on a cot or mattress, bring both a top and bottom sheet, along with pillows and two blankets in case it gets cold at night.

Outdoor Supplies

Pack basic tools and skincare items for the outdoors. Include sunscreen, chap stick and bug spray to protect you from the sun and insects. Bring a flashlight and extra batteries or an extra flashlight. If your troop allows it, bring a small pocket knife. Take a canteen bottle with your name on it to carry water on your trip.


Include any toiletries you may need. Take a washcloth and two towels, as well as toothpaste and a toothbrush in a holder. Pack soap that's suitable for the environment; if you are going to be washing in lake or stream water, use biodegradable soap. Pack any prescription medicine that you need or hand it over to your Scout leader for safe-keeping.

Other Supplies

You should bring some basic entertainment along on your Scout camping trip. A notebook and a pen as well as a book to read will give you something to do in the evening. If you play a small musical instrument such as a harmonica, you may wish to bring it along as well. Bring any health forms, releases or other paperwork you need for the trip. Finally, bring money along if you will have the chance to buy souvenirs on your trip.

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