Aruba RV Vs. Homestead RV

Aruba RV Vs. Homestead RV
RV campers have many choices when it comes to purchasing a new RV. Starcraft manufactures two brands of fifth-wheels, a towable RV, called the Aruba LITE, and the Homestead. Each brand offers differing specifications and each fits the needs of different campers. As of 2010, the latest and largest models are the Aruba LITE 2008 295RLSS and the Homestead 2010 319FBH.


The Aruba LITE is the slightly more compact of the two models, measuring 32 feet, 11 inches long and 8 feet wide. The Homestead has a length of 34 feet, 5 inches and a width of 8 feet as well. The Aruba LITE has an interior ceiling height of 6 feet, 3 inches while the Homestead’s interior height is 5 feet, 8 inches. The Homestead falls short on cargo-carrying capacity, allowing for 2,415 lbs. while the Aruba can handle up to 4,746 lbs. The Aruba has a 48-gallon water tank, including the 6-gallon water heater, and can handle up to 38 gallons of both gray and black waste. The Homestead has a 46 gallon water tank and can store up to 65 gallons of gray waste and 32.5 gallons of black waste.


The Homestead comes with a fully-furnished bathroom; the toilet utilizes a foot-flush mechanism. There is an outdoor shower. The bedroom provides plenty of storage and the bed boasts a 312-spring mattress. Heating is provided through an in-the-floor duct system. The Aruba LITE offers a similar bathroom, only with an indoor shower. The bedroom comes equipped with a TV shelf accompanied by a cable jack. Both RVs’ kitchens are furnished with a refrigerator, oven and stove.


Options for the Aruba LITE include several packages that upgrade the furnishings, entertainment systems, or the appliances. Along with the upgrades, buyers can choose to include an outdoor gas grill, an air-conditioning unit, a quilted mattress, a table and chair set as well as a 19-inch or 32-inch LCD TV. The Homestead offers one convenience package that upgrades the entertainment appliances as well as furnishings. Other individual options include an air-conditioning unit, a fireplace, linoleum flooring, satellite kit, table and chair set or an outdoor grill.

Article Written By Jacob Hendriks

Jacob Hendriks' work has appeared in "The Western Front," "The Planet Magazine" and He graduated from Western Washington University with a major in international business management and a minor in Community Health. Hendriks' passion for sports nutrition and fitness, combined with experience as a personal trainer, has led him to pursue health-oriented journalism.

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