What Kind of Animals & Insects Live in the Rainforest?

What Kind of Animals & Insects Live in the Rainforest?
Rainforests are located along the equator in places such as South America, Africa, India and Australia. It is estimated that almost half of all the world's animal species can be found in rainforests. Amongst the types of animals you will find are predators such as tigers and reptiles, as well as colorful butterflies and birds.


Monkeys are among the types of mammals that live in the rainforest; spider monkeys, golden lion tamarins and sloths reside there. Chimpanzees and gorillas also live in the rainforest. In addition, the Bengal tiger is known to live in the rainforests of Southeast Asia.



Birds can also be found in the rainforest, including the toucan, which can be found in the canopy of the Amazon rainforest. Parrots such as the macaw can also be seen in the rainforest, as well as the Great Hornbill, which lives high in the canopy and is thought to be partially responsible for the dispersal of seeds in the rainforest.


The 20-foot-long black caiman can be found in the rainforests of South America, as can the boa constrictor and the anaconda, which lives in the basin of the Amazon River. Other reptiles found in rainforests include the reticulated python, which is found in Southeast Asia, and the gaboon viper, also found in Asia.


Insects found in the rainforest include the leafcutter ant, found in South America, as well as a number of butterfly species such as the blue morpho butterfly in South America and the Queen Alexandra Butterfly found in the rainforests of Papua New Guinea. Praying mantises can also be found living in the rainforest.


Amphibians to look for in the rainforests include the poison dart frog, which is found near marshes and rivers in South America, and the red-eyed tree frog, which also lives in South America, but in lowland rainforest areas.


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