The Best Climbing Harness

The Best Climbing Harness
Climbing harnesses are an investment in personal safety. When shopping for a new harness key points to consider are adjustability in the waist and legs, padding in pressure point areas, and its weight. Try on several designs, and talk to local climbers so you know you'll be buying the best harness to fit your needs.

Metolius Safe Tech All-Around Harness

Metolius designed the Safe Tech All-Around harness with ergonomically shaped components that allow unrestricted freedom of movement for men and women. The adjustable riser length and full-strength, load-bearing capabilities in the belay and haul loop, quite possibly make the Safe Tech All Around one of the toughest harnesses on the market. Additional features include four gear loops and an extra-strength, long-wearing tie-in point. The average price of the Safe Tech All Around climbing harness as of 2009 is $79.

Black Diamond Momentum AL

Popular among beginner and experienced climbers alike, the Momentum AL is dependable for just about any type of climbing. Fitted with fully adjustable leg loops, climbers can easily add or remove layers as needed. High quality yet affordable, the Momentum is designed for all-day comfort and features added padding to the waist belt and soft lining to reduce skin irritation. Female climbers can get this quality and quality in the Primrose AL climbing harness. As of 2009, the average price of these harnesses is $54.95.

Petzl Adjama

Ideal for route climbing or ice climbing, the Adjama continues to be an award-winning favorite. Petzl has equipped this harness with an abundance of safety features, including an offset waist buckle to keep the belay area obstruction-free, and the DoubleBack buckle system, which lets climbs adjust their waist and legs while maintaining the correct double-back configuration. Adjama also is fitted with webbing tape along the waist belt and leg loops for added strength and support. Female climbers can buy the Luna, which features the same rugged design with a feminine touch. The average price of these harnesses as of 2009 is $85.95.

Article Written By Patricia Poulin

Patricia Poulin is a freelance writer based out of the western slope of Colorado. Poulin's travels and insight have chronicled in print media resources, such as "Inside Outside" and "Breathe" magazine. She is also a regular contributor for other various publications including "USA Today." Poulin holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

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