Easy Foods to Take Camping

Easy Foods to Take Camping
There are several things to consider when camping including what meals will be prepared for the duration of the trip. Choosing foods that are easy to take camping will help ease the stress of the trip and allow everyone to focus on enjoying the camping experience. Planning meals ahead of time, creating a grocery list and purchasing the food prior to arriving at camp will keep the workload minimal.


Besides being one of the most important meals of the day, many campers look to breakfast for a good, wholesome way to start the day. The key is choosing food to bring along that can be easily prepared and has a lasting shelf life. Whole grain cereals are always a good choice, but the milk will have to be kept cool to prevent spoilage. Choosing foods that cook easily on a griddle may be another easy choice. Foods that don't require many additional ingredients and can easily be cooked and served are good options such as pancakes, eggs, sausage and bacon. Small individual orange juice containers can be brought along and then easily thrown away after use.



One easy lunch choice could be hot sandwiches. A pie iron can be used to make a variety of quick sandwiches. Most are nonstick on the interior, or a quick squirt of cooking spray may help. Ingredients can include ham, cheese, pepperoni, pastrami, cut mushrooms, pre-sliced peppers and squirt bottles of pizza sauce. Everyone can create their own sandwiches to their own specifications. Individual 100-calorie packs of chips or crackers and a disposable water or juice bottle will complete an easy and warm lunch for everyone.


There are several dinner options that can be made up ahead of the trip to make camp cooking easier. One menu option would be a hobo dinner. Ground sirloin patties and layered vegetables can be individually wrapped in reinforced tinfoil packages and frozen until ready to place over the campfire. Another option would be to bring along packaged salads and buy individual serving-sized salad dressings for everyone to choose from. Vegetables and cheeses can be cut, sliced and diced ahead of time and left in their containers for garnishing---this will also reduce clean-up time. Walking tacos are easy to make with individual bags of corn chips or nacho cheese chips. Have the option of salsa, sour cream, cheese, tomatoes and lettuce for adding into the bag.


Snacks are important at keeping everyone fueled for busy or lazy days at the campsite. Having quick and easy snacks available that are also nutritious is essential. Making up a large batch of homemade trail mix with dried nuts, fruits and seeds ahead of time makes for an easy snack. The mix can be individually packaged or stored in a large plastic container with small paper cups nearby for individual refueling. Making crispy rice treats ahead of time and incorporating dried fruits into the mixture can make for a healthy, quick snack for everyone to grab.


Desserts are a special treat that many campers look forward to on a trip. Everyone knows how to make s'mores with chocolate, graham crackers and marshmallows. Bringing along some extra ingredients will update the classic treat. Peanut butter, honey, sliced bananas, caramel candies, sliced apples, raspberries, cream cheese and sliced pineapple rings can all be brought along to add to this quick dessert.


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