Travel Clubs in Connecticut

Travel Clubs in Connecticut
Travel clubs can offer significant savings on trips for those looking for a way to see the world. These clubs usually offer group discounts because of the number of people who attend the trips. The clubs may range from a loosely organized group of individuals to a club run by a travel agency. Connecticut has several clubs that specialize in certain types of travel.

Tours of Distinction

Tours of Distinction is based in East Windsor and offers a free email travel club. Members of the travel club are able to get information on extra seats that are available for group tours. Details are sent to members 30 to 60 days before departure. If members decide they'd like to travel, discounted rates are available. Trips range from coach bus tours, multiple-day air tours and cruises.

Tours of Distinction
7A Pasco Drive
East Windsor, CT 06088


Freighter Travel Club International

Freighter Travel Club International is run by Maris Freighter Cruises. The company offers travelers the chance to see the world while traveling by passenger-carrying freighter ships. Members of the travel club receive a monthly newsletter that gives insider tips about freighter travel as well as personal accounts by people who have participated. Travel club members receive an automatic discount of up to $500 on each booked trip.

Freighter Travel Club International
215 Main St.
Westport, CT 06880

Norwich Ski Club

Norwich Ski Club offers discounts to members on ski vacations. The club specializes in organizing trips to various downhill and cross country ski areas. In order to join, annual dues must be paid. Membership, which is restricted to individuals or families living in eastern Connecticut and Rhode Island, gives you advanced notice about all club trips. All downhill skiers, snowboarders and cross country skiers are welcome to join. Most trips take place in Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. Every other year, a trip to ski in the west is planned.

Norwich Ski Club
17 Lincoln Drive
Gales Ferry, CT 06335


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