The Best Trout Fishing Soft Lure Baits

plastic curlytail grub lureThough fly fishing remains the most common way to catch trout, many anglers find that casting with soft plastic lures can also be quite effective. Various soft-plastic offerings are available on the market, and numerous designs effectively imitate salamanders, crawfish and other types of critters that trout feed on.

Curlytail Grub (pictured)

One of the best soft plastic lures for trout fishing is a basic curlytail grub that is 3 inches in size. Use colors like white, pink or yellow to attract trout. These grubs work well because you can retrieve them steadily, with pauses and twitches or by hopping it right along the bottom. Using soft plastic grub lures also allows you to choose from a variety of colors to imitate different kinds of trout forage. Additionally, the grub's swimming tail makes it highly visible. When trout fishing on high tides, use skirted grubs along with creature baits to create high visibility and extra movement in the water.


Stick Baits

Stick baits are quite effective and popular among bass anglers, but they also work extremely well for trout. These lures can be fished many different ways, including for leadhead applications. Use stick baits in silver or black in clear waters. For stained waters, use chartreuse, silver or firetiger colors, especially when fishing for brown trout.


One of the most effective types of soft-plastic bait is the tube. These lures offer a very erratic movement that works very well for attracting trout, especially when fished with insider jigheads, traditional jigheads or Texas rigs. Realistic-looking crawfish craw tubes of 2 or 3 inches work well for catching trout.

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