The Best Tandem Fishing Kayak

The Best Tandem Fishing Kayak
The Hobie Mirage Outfitter is one of the best fishing kayaks available. It's outfitted with accessories that you might expect from a fishing kayak---rod holders, cup holders and plenty of storage space. However, it also offers other features like seatbacks with lumbar support and the Mirage Drive system.


The angler version of the Hobie Mirage Outfitter is 12'8" in length and weighs just 78.6 pounds, which includes the weight of the mirage drive system itself. The kayak has a total weight capacity of 450 pounds and is made from polyethylene, making it very durable and long-lasting.


The number one feature of this kayak is the two Hobie Mirage drive systems, which are flipper systems operated by pedals. This allows tired paddlers the opportunity to switch to using pedals and is perfect for fishermen who might be busy with rods. Other major features of this kayak include Hobie's twist and stow rudder system for steering; deluxe seatbacks with lumbar support, perfect for spending the day out on the water; and a receptacle where spear divers can mount a dive flag or the optional sail. Fishermen will like the three 8" wide hatches, four molded rod holders, built-in cup holders as well as the forward and rear cargo areas with bungee straps to tie extra gear down.


The Hobie Mirage Outfitter Fishermen is a very versatile kayak. While it's designed as a tandem kayak, it operates excellently solo. With the drive system and the option to add a sail, paddlers now have several choice besides paddling. It's also a very stable sit-on-top kayak, meaning that you can enter and exit the water easily, making it perfect for spear divers. In addition, with two people using the Mirage Drive system, the Outfitter can achieve a top speed of seven knots, allowing you to get to a location quickly without scaring off the fish, which you might risk doing with a motor.

Article Written By Shiromi Nassreen

Shiromi Nassreen has been writing professionally since 2005. She specializes in travel and outdoor topics, and her articles have appeared in various print and online publications, including "DISfunkshion Magazine" and Matador Travel. Nassreen holds a Bachelor of Arts in theatre studies from Rose Bruford College of Speech & Drama.

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