The Best King Salmon Fishing in Alaska

The Best King Salmon Fishing in Alaska
While the king salmon (sometimes also called "chinook salmon") has a range that extends from San Francisco Bay to the Chukchi Sea, near the Arctic Ocean, many anglers' thoughts turn to Alaska when it comes to planning a salmon fishing trip. America's northernmost state offers plenty of great opportunities for catching wild salmon, in both fresh and saltwater.

The Kenai

Arguably the best place for king salmon fishing in Alaska is the Kenai Peninsula. Located southwest of Anchorage, the fishing sites are easily accessible by road. It also is one of the few places in Alaska where both saltwater and freshwater fishing for king salmon is possible. Saltwater options include Halibut Cove, Homer Spit and a pair of separate runs in the tidal waters of Deep Creek. Fishing for king salmon at sea begins in early May and ends in early August here. Freshwater fishing sites include the Ninilchik, Kasilof, Anchor and Kenai Rivers, as well as the aforementioned Deep Creek. The season in these waters begins in mid-May and runs to late July.



Why Alaska is such a great salmon fishery is easily illustrated in downtown Anchorage. The largest city in the state has a king salmon run in Ship Creek, from late May to mid-July, that goes right through town. This is the most accessible freshwater fishing site in the state, but that also tends to make it the most crowded. The Anchorage area also has a pair of saltwater options at Resurrection Bay and near the town of Whittier.

Northern Cook Inlet

This is another area with a plethora of salmon. However, because it is comprised entirely of rivers and streams, it has no saltwater king salmon options. This makes it perfect for the freshwater angler, but not for a seagoing sport fisherman or one who wants to try his hand at both salt and freshwater fishing in the same trip. The region, covering a large area to the north and west of Anchorage, has 11 rivers and countless creeks and streams, all of them hosting a king salmon run at some point in the summer. The earliest run begins in late May, the latest ends in mid-July.


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